How To Help

Networking is an important aspect, as without the cooperation and sharing of ideas and resources with other organisations, the task that the Ananya trust has undertaken would be difficult to tackle.

Dream-A-Dream: have brought sports, outdoor activities, art and craft workshops to Ananya Trust. They are active partners even today.

HippoCampus: Have opened their library and reading programmes to the children of Ananya Trust.

Akshaya Patra: Has been providing us with a sumptuous and nutritious lunch evry school day.

Enable Child: Teaching the students all neccesary computer education.

National Child Labour Project (NCLP): Ananya Trust is accredited for special schooling and therefore receives grants from the Indian Government.

These are just a few of the organisations who support the Trust, apart from corporates, individuals and charitable trusts.

You too can get involved and consider helping Ananya Trust in whatever way you can, whether it be with your money, materials or volunteering your time.

Volunteers are most welcome. The Ananaya Trust generally encourages a long term commitment of a year. The volunteers can contact the coordinating agency: The International Cultural and Youth Exchange (ICYE). They assist potential volunteers with all the necessary paper work.

Your help, will help Ananya, to help the children reach their goals, achieve their aspirations, to live better lives and become valuable members of society.

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  • Parth Sharma


    Interested to volunteer on Weekend’s. Kindly tell me how could I be of any help to your organization.


  • Agasthya B


    Hi Team
    My name is Agasthya. Iam currently doing my MBA in Bangalore.
    Iam always interested in activities related to children education and their development thereof. As such , Iam very interested in being a part of the trust as a volunteer. About me, I completed in 2010 and had almost 2 years experience in software field(TCS) before I joined for MBA. The knowledge I have on education , I feel, would definitely help them acquire the same . With these insights about me, looking for your reply…



  • Aditya Vyas


    I am a student of IIM Bangalore and wanted to contact the NGO regarding some planned visits. Do let me know how can I do the same?


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