Some views and comments of visitors and volunteers about Ananya Trust:

2001-2002, Brynne (volunteer)
“Your hard work and love for your job as well as these kids have made this place so wonderful and conducide for learning. The kids are so enthusiastic about everything (even homework) which was an extremely nice thing to see. I’ll be back”.

2005-2006, Dr. Rajkumar Rao (visitor)
“I’ve experienced an amazing experience with kids free from ‘hang ups’, in an atmosphere full of love, support and freedom. Hard to believe that this is possible so close to Bangalore. In no way would I consider these kids disadvantaged in any way -on the contrary they are privileged”.

2005-2006, Priya D’Souza (visitor)
“A truly rich warm enviroment for the children”.

2006-2007, Paddy Crawley (volunteer)
“Every day at Ananya Trust is like a snowlflake, or a grain of sand, it has the same basic structure as all the other days, yet is filled with differences and variations that make it, as the school’s name suggests: Unique.

2007-2008, Suvi (volunteer) celebrating the tenth anniversary of Ananya Trust remarks:
“The change is interesting and certainly approved as development in a positive direction. Ananya Trust brings hope in a country where countless schools are short of teachers and millions of children are deprived of the benefits of schooling. The ideals of learning to ACT, ASK and ACCEPT may not be reached completely, but without them Ananya wouldn’t have come this far”.

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  • Madhu


    I have been an ‘external’ observer of what Ananya has achieved over the years and the impact it is making to the society in its own way.I believe there are very few schools which make learning/education a welcome activity for the child. Rarely will one find a school which children look forward to be at, day in day out.In fact the children seem to prefer being at school rather than going home during their holidays. That in my opinion is a measure of the impact that the school and its passionate teachers have had on the children. Wish mainstream schools can adopt the Ananya model of holistic education.Keep going ‘Ananya’ !!! You folks are doing a ‘wonderful’ job !!!


  • ritu bachani


    children in ananya school are very intelligent and smartly framed by the faculty and volunteers out there.


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